The process

4 Steps for Success
  1. Setup your Profile

    During your training, you must begin to build your profile, which includes your previous work experience, certifications and relevant skills. You will also include your final resume and cover letter. The Business Solutions Team will start to locate career opportunities that are the best match for you.

  2. Work On Your Resume

    Your resume is your #1 marketing document. It is critical to your job search. Your Career Coach will work closely with you to create a highly impactful and well written resume.

  3. Receive Job Offers

    Based on your skills and knowledge, as well as the certifications you earn, our Business Solutions Team will search for and offer you exciting job opportunities.

  4. Start Your New Career

    Now it's time to get off to a great start in your new job. Equally important is to stay current in IT and advance your career. You have all of the skills and knowledge to succeed. You worked hard to get it.. Well Done. Take advantage of alumni courses. Keep in touch with your Career Coach.